Restorative Dentistry

Restorative DentistryWear and tear is an inevitable part of the aging process. This is true with our homes, our cars, our bodies, and certainly, our mouths.

Committing to a lifetime of good oral health habits and seeking skilled restorative dentistry in Roseville are the best ways to restore optimal health and function to your teeth and smile.

Of all the high-tech, genuinely life changing procedures modern dentistry has to offer, good dental hygiene for Roseville residents is the straightest path to a healthy mouth.

Much can be done to fix damage that’s already occurred but isn’t it better to stop damage before it begins? Dr. Okhovat is your partner in maintaining healthy teeth and gums for life.

Dr. Okhovat and modern dental technology can help restore good oral health once damage has already occurred.

Siamak Okhovat DDS offers:

  • The air-flow polishing system
  • Digital x-rays
  • Intra-Oral camera
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Laser gum treatment
  • Arestin/localized antibiotic administration if necessary

And with relaxing amenities like massage chairs, movies, music and blankets, you may completely forget you’re at the dentist. In addition, sedation therapy can be offered to those with dentistry-related anxiety.

Good dental hygiene in Roseville starts with you, but leave the rest up to us. If you need help getting your dental hygiene back on track, contact Siamak Okhovat DDS today!

In need of dental crowns? Roseville’s finest cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Okhovat, is an excellent choice for patients with damaged or worn teeth. A crown is placed over the troublesome tooth, preventing further decay, improving tooth structure and restoring cosmetic appeal.

At Roseville Top Smiles, Dr. Okhovat can prescribe quality Zirconia crowns that provide the highest level of tooth protection in addition to aesthetic allure. These lab created crowns are crafted by skilled technicians and custom designed to fit your specific needs.

The benefits of crowns include:

  • Greatly improved oral health and hygiene
  • Restored functionality
  • Stunning aesthetic improvements

Tooth loss has profound effects on the quality of everyday life. Dental implants are our dentist in Roseville’s CA top choice for tooth loss restoration. If you are missing teeth you may experience the following:

  • Loss of normal oral function
  • Hygienic risks
  • Cosmetic issues
  • Lowered quality of life
  • Self esteem issues

Dental implants are an excellent choice for patients seeking high impact solutions. Implants are strong and permanent, allowing you to chew, speak, and smile just like before. Caring for them is also easy: Brush, floss and rinse with rest of your teeth, no special care is needed to make them part of your natural smile.

With modern dental technology, implant procedures are less invasive and faster than ever before. There’s truly no reason to let tooth loss affect your quality of life. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our dentist in Roseville, CA today.

Dental bridges for Roseville residents are an affordable and reliable solution when coping with tooth loss.

A bridge is a dental appliance that fills the space left from a missing tooth. Bridges are held in place by crowns placed on either side of the missing tooth. The bridge then acts as a prosthetic tooth. Bridges can be made from porcelain and colored to match other teeth, leaving you with a much improved, natural looking smile.

Bridge benefits include:

  • Restored aesthetic appeal of your smile
  • Renewed ability to chew and speak
  • Maintained facial structure
  • Holds other teeth in place

Restore Missing Teeth in Roseville with Comprehensive Full Mouth RehabilitationAre you the victim of major tooth trauma, oral tooth decay or missing teeth? Roseville’s top dentist, Dr. Okhovat, helps restore aesthetic and optimal function to mouths experiencing even the worst of dental situations. Missing teeth affect all aspects of daily life including your emotional well-being, your ability to eat, smile and talk. In such cases, full mouth rehabilitation is recommended.

Full mouth rehabilitation refers to a process where multiple dental problems are corrected at once. Using special dentistry techniques, Dr. Okhovat will restore the damaged mouth back to optimum health with relative ease and comfort for the patient.

Benefits of full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Renewed Self-Esteem
  • Long-lasting Oral Health
  • A smile you no longer have to hide

The oral appliances used to restore your smile back to working order have impressive longevity. They last longer than the life of your car, you will use them more, and they will dramatically improve the quality of your health and life.

At some point, we may find ourselves facing the possibility of dentures. Roseville residents will take comfort in knowing that Dr. Okhovat offers several options to fit your specific dental needs and budget. These include:

  • Implant supported dentures
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures

All options are thoroughly explained at your appointment so you can make the best informed decision for you, your dental needs and your wallet. In all cases, your new dental appliance will dramatically improve your quality of life, no matter the age.

It’s safe to say most people aren’t excited about their root canal. Roseville residents, however, can breathe a sigh of relief; They’ll find comfort, skill, and expertise under Dr. Okhovat’s care. A root canal brings lasting relief to chronic tooth pain and is sometimes necessary to restore good oral health. You may need a root canal if you experience:

  • Severe tooth or chewing pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, even after source removal
  • Darkening of the tooth
  • Swelling of nearby gums

A root canal, in and of itself, is far less painful part than the problem that has ultimately interrupted your life. Your chronic tooth pain is caused by bacteria that’s entered the tooth center and caused an infection. Roseville Top Smiles hopes you’ll take comfort in the many anxiety reducing amenities we offer during your root canal therapy. These include massage chairs, music, blankets, movies, and even sedation therapy. Resolving chronic tooth pain is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and your mouth.

If you need a root canal, Roseville dentist, Dr. Okhovat will bring much needed relief. Please don’t continue suffering in silence. Book your appointment with Dr. Okhovat today.


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