Oral Cancer Treatment & Screening in Roseville, California

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Oral Cancer Screening in Roseville, California

Roseville Topsmiles specializes in preventive care for the best oral health possible. During our comprehensive examinations, we provide oral cancer screenings to look for signs that this life-threatening condition might be of concern.

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Includes exam and X-ray. $49 can be applied to the cost of emergency treatment.

The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 30,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Most frequently found in the tongue, the lips and the floor of the mouth, this type of cancer can also show signs in the gums, the minor salivary glands, the lining of the lips and cheeks, the roof of the mouth or the area behind the wisdom teeth. Early detection creates the best chance of successfully combating the disease.

Oral cancer risk factors include:

  • Tobacco use
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Gender: About two-thirds of people with oral cancer are men.
  • Race: The risk of oral cancer is higher for African-Americans.
  • Age: These cancers are found most often in people over 45.
  • Prolonged sun exposure (lip cancer)
  • Long-term irritation caused by ill-fitting dentures
  • Poor nutrition, especially a diet low in fruits and vegetables
  • Immunosuppressive drugs
  • Infection with human papillomavirus
  • Previous head and neck cancer
  • Radiation exposure

By keeping up with your routine dental checkups at Roseville Topsmiles, you’ll be proactively taking care of your health. Oral cancer screenings are non-invasive, quick and can detect serious problems before they escalate. Trust your oral health to the caring dental team at Roseville Topsmiles. Get started today with an appointment; we’re standing by to speak with you at (916) 352-0282.

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